I’ll be Jack.

I’m busy recreating my business profile, and because I was totally flattened by lockdown, I’m doing it all myself.

Strategy, concept, copy and design.

It is slow work. Concept was fairly speedy, but I’ve been through four different formats, and the strategy is still behaving like silly putty. When I get an epiphany, I am the one reworking the entire document. None of this: “Please could you just…” and have it for me by this afternoon.

I do occasionally pull in someone to ask this one or that one, but most of the decisions are mine. When I get stuck, I often just go and meditate for 20 minutes. It’s amazing what leaps into consciousness when you step back.

I keep wondering what would result if I were working with a team, but then I just put down my head and get on with it.

We shall see…

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